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Spring Woodland Wildflowers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum by Andrew L. Hipp

cover of Spring Woodland Wildflowers

Richly illustrated and informative, this is an excellent aid in identifying the rich variety of spring wildflowers at the Arboretum and throughout the region.

$16.50 (with shipping)

Prairie Plants of the University of Wisconsin- Madison Arboretum by Ted Cochrane, Kandis Elliot, Claudia S. Lipke

cover of Prairie Plants of the Arboretum

This informative, richly illustrated and photographed resource is an excellent aid in identifying the wide variety of prairie plants at the Arboretum and throughout the region.

$42.00 (with shipping)

Field Guide to Wisconsin Sedges

cover of Field Guide to Wisconsin Sedges

A great resource for both botanists and gardeners, this is a full-color introduction to a genus of of wetland plants that make  up close to 7 percent of the flora of the Upper Midwest.

$34.00 (with shipping)

Arboretum Art Poster by Parr McKenna

Parr McKenna poster

Acclaimed artist Kathleen Parr McKenna created “Morning Light at the Forest Edge” especially for the Arboretum. This intensely colorful artwork suggests the breezy serenity of a June morning in the Arboretum.

$20 (with shipping) for general edition

$75 (with shipping) for a limited edition print signed by the artist

A Thousand Ages: The University of Wisconsin Arboretum by Nancy D. Sachse

cover of A Thousand Ages

This comprehensive history of the Arboretum, first published on its 30th anniversary in 1964, is both informative and thought-provoking. A skillful narrative takes the reader back in time and chronicles how the Arboretum changed and developed.

$7 (with shipping)

People and the Land: The Bakhtin Murals
by Molly Fifield Murray and Pat Brown

cover of People and the Land: The Bakhtin Murals

Lavishly illustrated, this book is based on the series of murals by renowned wildlife artist Victor Bakhtin that hang in the Arboretum’s orientation theater. The commemorative book provides expanded information about the mural project, the artist, and the period of time each mural portrays. Full-page images of each mural complement the narrative text.

$13 (with shipping)


Unique items from the bookstore

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For the Birds Coffee

For the Birds Coffee

We offer a unique blend of coffee that is fair-trade, organic and shade-grown. Locally roasted by Just Coffee, a Madison micro-roaster, it is delivered by bicycle fresh and direct to the Bookstore. Available in regular, decaffeinated, and in a half-regular/half decaffeinated blend.

$13-$15 for 12 ounce bag