Donate to the Arboretum

The Arboretum has come a long way -- transforming run-down farm land to the world's first restored prairie and native woodlands. With Aldo Leopold as its first director, the Arboretum has made history in the field of restoration ecology since it was dedicated in 1934.

Giving to a Specific Fund

Current top priorities for funding include:   

Land Stewardship Fund

Director’s Discretionary Fund
This fund provides an annual source of support to meet the most immediate needs of the Arboretum. Some examples of this may include emergency trail repairs, incorporating more green initiatives, updating software, or the ability to send representatives to a necessary professional development conference.

Arboretum Research Fund
Your contribution to this fund takes a strong research tradition established by Aldo Leopold and others into the future. The fund supports student, staff and faculty research into important ecological and land management questions. Research areas include restoration ecology, conservation, invasive species, ecosystem services, the urban interface and climate change.