Earth Partnership for Schools

boy studying plants in the woods

A student from Spring Harbor Middle School explains his poster presentation on the depletion and restoration of Merrill Springs.


As part of the Earth Partnership for Schools program, the first-ever student ecological restoration research conference -- "Restoring Wisconsin's Biodiversity" -- was held at the Arboretum on May 2, 2003. One hundred elementary, middle school and high school students from EPS member schools gathered to share their ecological experiments and observations. Read an article about the conference.

A second student research conference -- "Restoration Investigations" -- was held at the Arboretum on May 13, 2005. More than 100 participants packed the Visitor Center as students shared their investigations related to restoring plants, animals and ecosystems on or near their schools. Their reports included their questions and methods, the hard data, lessons learned first-hand, the accidents and mistakes, what worked and what didn't and ideas for future research. Read an article about the conference.