Earth Partnership for Schools

RESTORE Institute participants identify prairie plants

Institute participants draw a vista perspective of Curtis Prairie, the world's oldest restored prairie, for the activity "Visual Assessment: A Landscape Through an Artist's Eye.”


We invite teachers to participate in a one-week summer Earth Partnership Institute for graduate credit. You will learn how to use the process of ecological restoration as a broad environmental context for teaching and learning about your local natural and cultural communities. The process of habitat restoration is an exciting real-life project that extends through the K–12 curriculum and beyond, and includes many disciplines such as science, math, social studies, language arts, and related arts.

Discover how restoring native ecosystems can:

  • Invigorate your school and community through interdisciplinary learning experiences and citizen science approaches for all ages
  • Enhance community awareness, skills, and knowledge of stewardship actions to enhance biodiversity and prevent pollution through restoration and bio-retention
  • Support relevant learning that connects youth to culture and place while teaching ecological and environmental issues and solutions
  • Inspire a personal understanding of their relationship with others and the natural world

2015 Summer Institutes

May 18–22
Earth Partnership: Nicaragua
Service Learning Experience with UW Global Health Institute – application closed

June 22–26
Latino Earth Partnership – Milwaukee: Urban Ecology Center Menomonee Valley
2015 Milwaukee LEP Application Packet
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July 13–17
Indigenous Arts and Sciences:
Learning from the Land (for high schoolers) – Northland College, Ashland, WI
2015 Ashland IAS Flyer
2015 Ashland IAS Application Form

July 13–17
Indigenous Arts and Sciences:
Learning from the Land (for high schoolers) – Lac du Flambeau Natural Resources Department
2015 LDF IAS Application Packet
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July 20–24
Indigenous Arts and Sciences: Legendary Waters Casino, Bayfield, WI
2015 Bayfield IAS Application Packet
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August 3–7
Kickapoo Valley: Kickapoo Valley Reserve Visitor Center, LaFarge, WI
2015 Kickapoo EP Application Packet
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