Earth Partnership for Schools


This is an interactive workshop to help you learn about woodland communities in Wisconsin, how to choose appropriate plants for woodland restorations, and how to restore a woodland. This workshop is applicable for schools, large and small-sized properties, environmental educators, homeowners, park land managers, and landscape planners.

The Earth Partnership approach to restoring Wisconsin woodlands at school sites is built around three cornerstones-ecological restoration, community participations, and enriching education. By restoring native woodlands, human beings become partners with natural ecosystems.

The partnership not only restores the ecosystem but also renews the school community engaged in the healing process. Education through ecological restoration provides opportunites for students to develop knowledge and skills as they undertake an exciting, real-life project.

Use the following links to explore the tools you can use for the interactive workshop:

Woodland Community Models
Characteristics of Forest Ecosystems
Woodland Database


How to Restore Woodlands at Your School

Woodland restoration in a schoolyard is a long-term commitment. Trees grow slowly; woodland ecosystems take many years to develop fully. Nonetheless, woodland restoration is a process that involves much more than waiting for trees to grow. Each step provides opportunities for involving students and the school community in exciting new learning experiences.

Where does one start? The steps below give an overview of the process, with emphasis on important factors in planning a woodland restoration. Follow each link for more information and activities.

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