Annual Meeting

Lake Wingra

Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 9 a.m. Breakfast Buffet
Friends of the Arboretum Annual Meeting: "Planning for a Healthy Lake Wingra" presented by Dr. Jim Lorman

Please join us as we celebrate another year of providing interesting and enlightening programs, activities and trips for our members and financial and volunteer support for the Arboretum. We will start the day at 9 a.m. with a delicious buffet breakfast, followed by a short business meeting. The highlight of the morning will be a presentation by Dr. Jim Lorman.

Friends of Lake Wingra (FOLW) was founded in 1998 as a grassroots organization with the mission "to promote a healthy Lake Wingra through an active watershed community." FOLW works to implement on-the-ground projects, advocate for innovative best management, and coordinate planning and management efforts.

Jim, FOLW co-founder and continuing member of the board, will provide an overview of Lake Wingra and its watershed and of current efforts to develop a comprehensive watershed management plan. This watershed plan, being developed in collaboration with City of Madison Engineering, creates specific action items to reach goals defined in the 2009 FOLW document, Lake Wingra: A Vision for the Future. It identifies appropriate stakeholders, priority actions, roles and responsibilities, needed policy and behavior changes, and strategies for how to make those changes.

Jim is professor of biology and academic program director of the Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program at Edgewood College. He has taught natural science, biology, and interdisciplinary environmental studies for 32 years and assists K-16 teachers and students in collaborating to study local environments, using watersheds and ecosystem health as integrating themes. Jim promotes collaborative community projects aimed at planning and implementing sustainable practices, especially in the area of watershed management. This work is related to and supported by his leadership in the FOLW, previous roles as a member of the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission, and participation in various other community organizations and government-sponsored committees, including Capital Region Sustainable Communities, Clean Lakes Alliance and Wisconsin Green Tier.

Jim's interest in aquatic ecology is life-long; as a youngster he collected crayfish and tadpoles while "mucking around" in ponds and rivers. His doctoral research focused on the ecology of crayfish.

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