Annual Meeting

monarch butterfly

Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 9 a.m. Breakfast Buffet
Friends of the Arboretum Annual Meeting: Challenges to Conserving Wisconsin's Butterflies presented by Susan Borkin

Please join us as we celebrate another year of providing interesting and enlightening programs, activities and trips for our members and financial and volunteer support for the Arboretum. We will start the day with a delicious buffet breakfast, followed by our short business meeting.

The highlight of the morning will be a presentation from Susan Borkin, entomologist at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM). From monarch to cabbage white to endangered Karner blue, more than 150 species of butterflies have been recorded in Wisconsin. Discover what features they share in common plus differences that make each species unique. Susan will also talk about efforts underway to help conserve some of Wisconsin's rarest butterflies.

Her current research focuses on the ecology and conservation of Wisconsin's butterflies, especially the swamp metalmark, monarch and powesheik skipperling. At the MPM, she is head of the Natural Sciences Division and Curator of the Invertebrate Zoology Department where she oversees the Puelicher Butterfly Wing and Bugs Alive!, educational exhibits that feature live butterflies and arthropods from around the world from around the world and curates an insect collection with over 500,000 specimens.

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