Think Spring! Native Plant Sale order form in January NewsLeaf


Nearly 300 gardeners placed orders for unique plant gardens and native shrubs, trees and vines from the Friends in 2008. The plant gardens and woody species for next spring are available only by advance orders from January through March 20, 2009.

Every ordering season gardeners ask, “Will the same plants on this list be for sale at the Native Plant Sale on Saturday, May 9”? While over 5,000 individual native plants (including the species in the garden mixes) are available at the May 9 Native Plant Sale, the native plant gardens, shrubs, trees and vines are available only by placing an order.

Purchasing a garden mix is an excellent way to either start a native garden, or to supplement an existing garden. Gardeners tell us they like to go to the sale after purchasing a garden mix to include some of their other favorite species that were not included in the garden mix.

Fourteen native shrubs, two trees, two vines and five plant mixes for prairie, savanna and rain gardens are available to order. All plants are native to the area, and once established require minimal care. No plants are dug from the wild. Species are suited for a wide variety of growing conditions – - sunny to shady, wet or dry, sandy or heavy soils.

Each plant mix consists of 38 plant plugs (32 in the rain garden mix). Recommended plant spacing is one square foot per plug. The cost is $86 per flat, $80 for FOA members.

Half-flats (19 plants for $44, $41 for FOA) or whole flats of any SINGLE SPECIES form the mixes may be ordered.

Friends members should check the order form inserted in their January NewsLeaf for for individual shrub, tree and vine prices and descriptive information, or download a PDF of the 2009 order form with information about the mixes, trees and shrubs we are offering.

Plants ordered in advance need to be pick-up on May 6 – exact details will be available in April.

For detailed plant information, go to

Questions? Phone the Friends Office at 608.263.7760 or send an e-mail to

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