Friends offer a tour of the International Crane Foundation and Leopold Memorial Reserve

TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011

International Crane Foundation and Leopold Legacy Trip – September 28, 2011

Join the Friends of the Arboretum on this exciting visit to two internationally recognized organizations dedicated to ecological restoration and conservation.

Our day trip leaves from the Arboretum Visitor Center at 8 a.m. We will travel to nearby Sauk County for a guided tour of the International Crane Foundation.

After the guided tour, we will have time to enjoy trails through a restored prairie filled with wildflowers, bird watch or visit the unique gift shop.

Then we travel to Ishnala Restaurant for lunch, where every seat provides a scenic view of beautiful Mirror Lake and the nearby bluffs, and giant Norway pines grow through the roof.

After lunch we head to the Aldo Leopold Memorial Reserve. This research, management, and education site is devoted to furthering the land ethic of Aldo Leopold and the science of ecological restoration.

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Located between Lake Wingra and the West Beltline Highway at 1207 Seminole Highway, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum features the restored prairies, forests and wetlands of pre-settlement Wisconsin. This 1,260-acre arboretum also houses flowering trees, shrubs and a world-famous lilac collection. Educational tours for groups and the general public, science and nature-based classes for all ages and abilities, and a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for groups, families and individuals are available.