Join our “Recruit a Friend” campaign

SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012

Friends of the Arboretum marks 50 years

In honor of its 50th anniversary, the Friends of the Arboretum is rolling out a “Recruit a Friend” campaign.

For 50 years, Friends members have been supporting the Arboretum’s mission to advance restoration ecology and foster the land ethic.

Through Friends-supported programming, countless people have experienced the beauty of a fall-blooming prairie, the magic of a spring woodland, the mystery of a winter owl walk.

Friends of the Arboretum’s Native Plant Sale is the best in town, where local gardeners enjoy a bounteous selection of native grasses, flowers and shrubs. And the Friends-supported annual Leopold Restoration Awards honor Wisconsin landowners, businesses and restoration practitioners who exemplify excellence in ecological restoration.

Through all these initiatives, as well as funding to support key Arboretum capital needs, Friends plays a vital role in connecting people with this great ecological resource.

We are celebrating 50 years of outreach and education with pride, but there’s a bit of urgency to our membership campaign. When Friends was founded a half-century ago, the term global warming hadn’t made it into the lexicon. The West Beltline had recently been built, and the outlook for development was rosy. Sprawl was what you did in a lawn chair on a hot day. What a difference 50 years makes.

As our 50th anniversary approaches, we want more members. Not just a few more. A lot more.

If every one of our current members recruited someone they know to join Friends this year, we’d have 6,000 people signing on in support of ecological restoration and community programming to foster a lifelong connection to the land.

Reach out and recruit a friend for the Arboretum today. A Friends membership makes a great gift, too!

Located between Lake Wingra and the West Beltline Highway at 1207 Seminole Highway, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum features the restored prairies, forests and wetlands of pre-settlement Wisconsin. This 1,260-acre arboretum also houses flowering trees, shrubs and a world-famous lilac collection. Educational tours for groups and the general public, science and nature-based classes for all ages and abilities, and a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for groups, families and individuals are available.