Saturday March 2 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
UW-Madison Arboretum Visitor Center
Free public reading from A Sand County Almanac and other works by Aldo Leopold. Celebrities and citizens will take turns sharing Leopold’s timeless, inspiring words about humans’ relationship to the land community. Special musical interlude at 1:00 PM with Tim Southwick Johnson, singer-songwriter, who has recorded an album of songs inspired by Leopold. Listeners may drop in and out at any time. For more information: 608-263-7888 or


9:30 Foreword-Kathy Miner, Naturalist, UW Madison Arboretum
9:40 January Thaw-Dave Cieslewicz, Citizen of Madison
9:47 Good Oak I-.Daniel Einstein, Historical & Cultural Resources Manager, UW Madison
9:57 Good Oak II-.Judith Zukerman, Mind’s Eye Radio Collective; Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets
10:04 Good Oak III-Don Sanford, Historian
10:08 The Geese Return-Ron Seely, Science writer, Wisconsin State Journal
10:17 Come High Water-Chuck Pils, The Wildlife Society/Retired, Wisconsin DNR
10:22 Draba-Martha Frey, Membership Director, Natural Heritage Land Trust
10:23 Bur Oak-James Roberts, Member, August Derleth Society
10:32 Sky Dance-Marie McCabe, Widow of Leopold’s colleague Robert A. McCabe
10:41 Back From the Argentine-Jane Ferguson, Community member
10:44 The Alder Fork-Tim Eisele, Journalist; Board Member, Friends of the Arboretum
10:52 Great Possessions-Charlotte Johnston, Former teacher of Wisconsin writers
10:57 Prairie Birthday-Kenneth Cameron, Curator, UW Madison Herbarium
11:07 The Green Pasture – Nadia Alber, Outreach Specialist, WI School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers
11:12 The Choral Copse – Barbara Sanford, Writer and editor
11:16 Smoky Gold – Levi Wood, Naturalist, UW Madison Arboretum
11:26 Too Early – Sylvia Adrian, Oblate, Holy Wisdom Monastery
11:31 Red Lanterns – Scott Craven, Prof. Emeritus, UW Madison Dept. of Forest & Wildlife Ecology
11:39 If I Were the Wind – Nicolas Dupaty, Student, Sherman Middle School
11:40 Axe-in-Hand I – Anne Lundin, Prof. Emerita, UW School of Library and Information Studies
11:46 Axe-in-Hand II - Tom Lovett, Neighbor of the Arboretum
11:52 A Mighty Fortress – Nick Utphall, Pastor, St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church
12:00 Home Range – Kathleen Liljequist, Community member
12:05 Pines Above the Snow I – Tom Sinclair, Community member
12:09 Pines Above the Snow II - Tim Andrews, President, Tim Andrews Horticulturist, LLC
12:20 65290 – Henry Hagedorn, Prof. emeritus, UW Madison Dept. of Entomology
1:00 Selections from ‘Sand County Songs’ – Tim Southwick Johnson, Singer-songwriter
1:25 What is the UW Arboretum? – Donna Paulnock, Interim director, UW Madison Arboretum
1:29 Letter to a Wildflower Digger – Jim Fitzgibbon, Naturalist, UW Madison Arboretum
1:34 Exit Orchis – Chuck Quirmbach, Environment reporter, Wisconsin Public Radio
1:38 The Farmer as a Conservationist I – Donna Weber-Harms, Reading Specialist, Juda School, Juda, WI
1:47 The Farmer as a Conservationist II - Eric Liljequist, Retired teacher, Aldo Leopold School
1:56 The Farmer as a Conservationist III - Stuart Levitan, Historian and radio host
2:05 Engineering and Conservation I – Tad Pinkerton, Community member
2:12 Engineering and Conservation II - Kathleen Kuhnen, Plain member and citizen of the biotic community
2:20 Marshland Elegy I – Shahla Werner, Director, John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club
2:25 Marshland Elegy II - Jim Steffens, Exec. Board, John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club
2:36 River of the Mother of God I – Estelle Katz, Naturalist, Madison School Forest
2:42 River of the Mother of God II - Madelyn Leopold, Granddaughter of Aldo Leopold
2:48 Thinking Like a Mountain – Debra Weitzel, Vice President, Friends of Pheasant Branch
2:55 Cheat Takes Over – Tammy Bieberstein, Madison Area Weed Warriors
3:04 The Community Concept – Susan Carpenter, Native Plants Gardener, UW Madison Arboretum
3:13 The Ecological Conscience – Chris Gavin, Stay-at-home dad, aspiring hunter-gatherer
3:20 Substitutes for a Land Ethic – Bill Barker, Friend of the Earth
3:29 The Outlook – Patricia Freres Stinger, Volunteer steward, UW Madison Arboretum

Located between Lake Wingra and the West Beltline Highway at 1207 Seminole Highway, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum features the restored prairies, forests and wetlands of pre-settlement Wisconsin. This 1,260-acre arboretum also houses flowering trees, shrubs and a world-famous lilac collection. Educational tours for groups and the general public, science and nature-based classes for all ages and abilities, and a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for groups, families and individuals are available.