Arboretum Presents “Living with the Land” Reading Series


The Arboretum Bookstore is proud to announce the “Living with the Land” reading series, featuring appearances by local authors this fall.

The fee for each presentation is $5 ($3 for members of the Friends of the Arboretum). You can pre-register online, in person at the Bookstore, or pay the day of the event. Registration fees may be applied toward purchase of the author’s book on the day of the event in the Arboretum Bookstore.

The first presentation will be with Stephen Laubach, author of the recently published Living a Land Ethic: A History of Cooperative Conservation on the Leopold Memorial Reserve, on Saturday, September 27 at 2 p.m.

The land that is now the Leopold Memorial Reserve, much like the Arboretum, provided Aldo Leopold with an ideal setting for his pioneering experiments in ecological restoration. Five neighboring landowners recognized this area’s significance to conservation history by signing an agreement to restrict development and continue restoration efforts around the Shack.

Laubach will read from his book and explain how the Leopold Memorial Reserve demonstrates an innovative effort in private conservation connected to the modern land trust movement. Read more

The cost is $5. Please feel free to pre-register if you wish. Registration fee may be applied toward the purchase of Living a Land Ethic in the Arboretum Bookstore on the day of the event.

Upcoming Events in the Series:

October 11, 2 p.m.: Cindy Crosby, author of “Pulling Weeds: Community” in The Tallgrass Prairie Reader. Crosby will discuss how working with a restoration group on the tallgrass prairie helped show the power of letting other people into your life, learning from them, and the things that can be accomplished as a community that you can’t do on your own. $5 registration fee may be applied toward the purchase of The Tallgrass Prairie Reader in the Arboretum Bookstore on the day of the event.

CANCELLED October 25, 2 p.m.: Richard Quinney, author of A Sense Sublime. Quinney’s books combine photography with autobiographical writing. From the UW Press book description: “A Sense Sublime is a record of a life lived during the last years of the twentieth century on the northern edge of the tallgrass prairies of Illinois, where seas of flowing grasses give way to the glaciated hills of Wisconsin.” $5 registration fee may be applied toward the purchase of A Sense Sublime in the Arboretum Bookstore on the day of the event. CANCELLED

November 8, 2 p.m.: Michael A. Miller, co-author of Field Guide to Wisconsin Streams. From UW Press book description: “Wisconsin is home to 84,000 miles of streams. This guide is the ultimate companion for learning about the animals and plants in Wisconsin streams. A collaborative effort by dozens of biologists and ecologists, Field Guide to Wisconsin Streams is accessible to anglers, teachers and students, amateur naturalists, and experienced scientists alike.” Michael A. Miller is a stream ecologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources whose professional interests include watershed and stream ecology and management. $5 registration fee may be applied toward the purchase of Field Guide to Wisconsin Streams in the Arboretum Bookstore on the day of the event.

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