Cattail Development


A series of photos from steward Chuck Henrikson showing cattail development. View album »

A points to a swelling in the stalk which will eventually be revealed as the male and female parts of the cattail mature further.    B points to the tip of the leading blade above the swelling in A.

Recent albums

  • Spring Sprint 2013

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17 2013

    Held on April 13, 2013, this Friends of the Arboretum event was presented by Nakoma Dental. Susan Siman, co-anchor at WISC-TV in Madison, was our celebrity runner; Dr. Don Tipple from Nakoma Dental was our lead sponsor; and Q106 staff served as announcers. View album »

  • Bur Oak (_Quercus macrocarpa_) is relatively fast growing tree of open sites, on a wide range of soils. The buds and leaves have rounded tips and the large acorns have a conspicuous fringed cap. Acorns germinate the season they are produced (but often the squirrels find them first). This species is drought, ozone and salt resistant.   Its spreading horizontal branches and substantial twigs give the tree a beautiful shape—summer or winter.

    An Illustrated Guide to the Native Plant Garden by Susan Carpenter

    MONDAY, MARCH 4 2013

    During most years, March converts a drab winter landscape to one with hints of growth and color. As a preview of the coming growing season, this illustrated tour traces the native plant garden into spring and beyond. You’ll see many of the plants that FOA offers in their plant sale pre-orders (due March 22) and combinations offered in the garden mixes. For more in-depth information about each plant, I recommend Spring Wildflowers of the Arboretum and Prairie Plants of the Arboretum, both available at the Arboretum Bookstore along with other guides. View album »