Spring Sprint for the Arb 2014


April 19 was a perfect day for running, and 138 people—from children to senior citizens—participated in the Friends of the Arboretum-sponsored, green-themed Sprint Sprint for the Arb. View album »

Photo by Bill Arthur

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  • A points to a swelling in the stalk which will eventually be revealed as the male and female parts of the cattail mature further.    B points to the tip of the leading blade above the swelling in A.

    Cattail Development

    TUESDAY, JUNE 25 2013

    A series of photos from steward Chuck Henrikson showing cattail development. View album »

  • Spring Sprint 2013

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17 2013

    Held on April 13, 2013, this Friends of the Arboretum event was presented by Nakoma Dental. Susan Siman, co-anchor at WISC-TV in Madison, was our celebrity runner; Dr. Don Tipple from Nakoma Dental was our lead sponsor; and Q106 staff served as announcers. View album »