Arboretum Leaflets #1–7

Zedler, J.B. 2006. How hydrologic manipulations can accelerate cattail invasions via "internal eutrophication". Arboretum Leaflet 7

It is possible that simply prolonging the period of standing water (as behind dams) stimulates enough release of phosphorus by soil to accelerate cattail invasions. This new scenario for wetland plant invasions is called "internal eutrophication."

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Zedler, J.B. Opportunities for sedge meadow restoration at Gardener Marsh. 2005. Arboretum Leaflet 6

The fall 2005 Lab in Adaptive Restoration (Botany 670) focused on the need to combat invasive plants in Gardner Marsh and provided ideas for restoring its sedge meadows adaptively (as in Leaflet 4).

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Zedler, J.B. Kercher, S.K. and A. Herr-Turoff. What accelerates reed canary grass invasions? 2005. Arboretum Leaflet 5

Results from a two-year experiment, with reed canary grass subjected to 27 treatments, showing strong interactions among flooding and nutrient loading and rapid shifts from diverse wet prairie to rcg monotypes.

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Zedler, J. B. Adaptive restoration. 2005. Arboretum Leaflet 4

An explanation of "learning while restoring," an approach wherein restoration is undertaken as experiments, with each phase learning from earlier experiments and addressing new hypotheses about how best to restore degraded sites.

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Zedler, J.B. and C. Frieswyk. 2005. Characterizing dominance: Which species are dominant and how do they dominate? Arboretum Leaflet 3

A discussion of what "dominance" means relative to plant species. Proposes a "species dominance index" which takes into account mean cover as well as suppression of other species.

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Zedler, J.B. and M. Peach. 2005. Increasing wetland diversity: How one plant creates habitat for others. Arboretum Leaflet 2

A discussion of the ecology of tussock meadows and the multiple ways tussocks foster plant diversity. Based on a 2005 study involving 3 wetland sites in southern Wisconsin.

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Zedler, J.B. and J. Wilcox. 2005. Interconnected restoration challenges: controlling invasives and reestablishing natives. Arboretum Leaflet 1
A report on current work with reed canary grass in the Lower Greene Prairie of the UW-Madison Arboretum

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