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The Arboretum welcomes research that advances knowledge of our natural resources and helps us manage Arboretum lands. For permission to conduct multi-investigator, individual, and/or class research projects on Arboretum lands, please fill out and submit the form below. Upon signing the research permit, the researcher agrees to provide data and resultant documents to the Arboretum database. Data submission guidelines and standards are detailed in the Data Submission Requirements document. If you have questions, please contact Brad Herrick (Contact information on left.)

Ecologist: Brad Herrick ( Responsible for permitting funded and multi-investigator projects and individual and class research projects.

Research Director: Joy Zedler ( Oversees research program and reviews permits for multi-investigator and funded research.

Database Administrator: Mark Wegener ( Oversees data collection and archiving.

The Arboretum welcomes research that advances knowledge of our natural resources and helps us manage Arboretum lands. Please complete this application form and return to Brad Herrick ( Approval of this application will result in the issuance of a metal permit tag, which must be acquired from the Ecologist and displayed on your research plot. In addition, permit holders are asked to track their time spent at the Arboretum (in number of 8 hr. days) and report on their findings in a timely manner. All submitted data must follow the guidelines outlined in the Data Submission Requirements document which can be found on the Arboretum website ( Any questions regarding data format should be directed to the Database Administrator.

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Project Location(s). Use Management Units (mapped below). Include a more detailed description (if known), or GPS coordinates (if available) (Note: GPS units and assistance available at Arboretum – contact Mark Wegener, (If research to be conducted on an outlying property, please include property name and approximate location): Arboretum Map

List any temporary structures to be left on site during ongoing research (e.g., posts, flagging) Note: If using flagging, indicate color of flags and when they will be removed (researchers are responsible for removal of all structures/markers at conclusion of project):

List any permanent structures to be left on site (e.g., marker, data logger):

Precautions that will minimize impacts to Arboretum resources:

  Requests and Restrictions
  • All data collected from the project should be forwarded to the UW Arboretum Database Administrator (Mark Wegener, Guidelines on data and metadata submission are described at In addition, please send the Database Administrator a copy and/or link to any papers (peer reviewed or otherwise)/presentations resulting from the work for inclusion in annual research reports, as well as any digital photos of research in progress. Data will not be available for public use until the researcher(s) have had time to publish results.
  • We request that a brief (half page or less) progress report be submitted annually including an estimate of the number of days spent at the Arboretum conducting research. This should be sent to the Ecologist.
  • We request that the applicant submit an abstract with title and names of investigators as well as photos documenting research activities to the Ecologist for inclusion into the UW Arboretum Annual Research Report.
  • We request that you participate in the Arboretum’s annual Science Day, so Arboretum staff and other land stewards can learn about your project and/or findings.
  • We request that you help us steward the Arboretum lands and make them more useful in research by notifying us of any concerns that develop during the project.
  • Note: Rangers, guides, and visitors will likely inquire about your work and any visible markers in the field. Please ask any students/assistants to inform rangers and guides that the work is permitted, so they can link your presence to the approved project. Thank you!!

I agree to the terms of this permit.

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If you do not receive a response within 5 working days, please contact Brad Herrick.