Madison Reads Leopold
Saturday, March 1, 2014

As part of Aldo Leopold Weekend, the UW–Arboretum will host its 9th annual free public reading from A Sand County Almanac and other Leopold works on at the Visitor Center, from 9:30 a.m. until about 3:45 p.m. Listeners can drop in and out to hear their favorite essays or stay the entire six hours. See the full schedule below to find your favorite essays and readers.

First published in 1948, A Sand County Almanac has prompted generations of people to take better notice – and care – of the natural environment. Aldo Leopold was the first research director at the Arboretum and was closely involved in its design.

Highlights include the well-known “calendar” essays, “On a Monument to the Pigeon” (marking the centennial of the American passenger pigeon extinction), and readings by Madelyn Leopold, daughter of Luna Leopold and granddaughter of Aldo; Jed Meunier, great-grandson of Aldo Leopold; Ron Seely of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism; Mrs. Marie McCabe, widow of Leopold’s colleague Bob McCabe; WPR personality Norman Gilliland; and many others. At 1 p.m., Emeritus Professor Douglas Hill of the UW School of Music will narrate his symphonic composition “Scenes from Sand County,” inspired by Leopold’s writings.

Madison Reads Leopold is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be available in the visitor center lobby. Brown-bagging is permitted but food must remain in the Visitor Center.

A full schedule is below. Reading times are approximate, so arrive at least 10 minutes early for a particular essay.

9:30   Welcome and Foreword   Kathy Miner, Naturalist, UW Arboretum

9:40   January Thaw   Dave Cieslewicz, Citizen of Madison

9:47   Good Oak I   Kathleen Kuhnen, Plain member and citizen of the biotic community

9:57   Good Oak II   Tim Andrews, Pres., Tim Andrews Horticulturist, LLC

10:04   Good Oak III   Madelyn Leopold, Granddaughter of Aldo Leopold

10:08   The Geese Return   Ron Seely, Editor/reporter, WI Center for Investigative Journalism; Senior lecturer, UW Madison

10:17   Come High Water   Donna Weber-Harms, Reading Specialist, Juda School, Juda, WI

10:22   Draba   Martha Frey, Membership Director, Natural Heritage Land Trust

10:23   Bur Oak   Nicolas Dupaty, Student, East High School

10:32   Sky Dance   Marie McCabe, Widow of Leopold's colleague Robert A. McCabe

10:41   Back From the Argentine   Jane Ferguson, Community member

10:44   The Alder Fork   Eric Liljequist, Retired teacher, Aldo Leopold School

10:52   Great Possessions   Charlotte Johnston, Former teacher of Wisconsin writers

10:57   Prairie Birthday   Kenneth Cameron, Curator, UW-Madison Herbarium

11:07   The Green Pasture   Anne Lundin, Prof. Emerita, UW School of Library and Information Studies

11:12   The Choral Copse   Kathleen Liljequist, Community member

11:16   Smoky Gold   Levi Wood, Naturalist, UW Arboretum

11:26   Too Early   Doreen Adamany

11:31   Red Lanterns   Norman Gilliland, Music host/reader, Wisconsin Public Radio

11:39   If I Were the Wind   Tom Lovett, Neighbor of the Arboretum

11:40   Axe-in-Hand I   Stuart Levitan, Historian and radio host

11:46   Axe-in-Hand II   Rebecca Wallace, Public Affairs Specialist, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

11:52   A Mighty Fortress   Robin Lee

12:00   Home Range   Estelle Katz, Naturalist, Madison School Forest

12:05   Pines Above the Snow I   Sylvia Adrian, Oblate, Holy Wisdom Monastery

12:09   Pines Above the Snow II   Lincoln Hartford

12:20   65290   Lisa Kohlmann, UW student/Assistant ranger, UW Arboretum

1:00   Scenes from Sand County   Douglas Hill, Composer; Professor Emeritus, UW School of Music

1:25   Arboretum Dedication Address   Donna Paulnock, Interim director, UW Arboretum

1:29   Letter to a Wildflower Digger   Jim Fitzgibbon, Naturalist, UW Arboretum

1:33   Marshland Elegy I   Julia Mimier

1:38   Marshland Elegy II   James Roberts, Member, August Derleth Society

1:48   On a Monument to a Pigeon   Chuck Quirmbach, Environment reporter, Wisconsin Public Radio

1:56   The Round River I   Patricia Freres Stinger, Volunteer steward, UW Arboretum

2:01   The Round River II   Nick Utphall, Pastor, St. Stephen's Lutheran Church

2:09   The Round River III   Darcy Kind, FOA Board/Conservation Biologist, WI DNR

2:20   Natural History I   Russ Hefty, Conservation Resource Supervisor, City of Madison Parks Division

2:28   Natural History II   Jim Steffens, Exec. Board, John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club

2:34   Coon Valley I   Ken Rineer, Senior environmental analyst, Public Service Commission of WI

2:42   Coon Valley II   Chuck Pils, The Wildlife Society/Retired, WI DNR

2:49   Thinking Like a Mountain   Debra Weitzel, Retired HS Environmental Science teacher

2:56   Cheat Takes Over   Tammy Bieberstein, Madison Area Weed Warriors

3:05   A Pig in the Parlor   Bill Barker, Friend of the Earth

3:07   The Community Concept   Susan Carpenter, Native Plants Gardener, UW Arboretum

3:16   The Ecological Conscience   Jed Meunier, great-grandson of Aldo Leopold

3:23   Substitutes for a Land Ethic   Julie Wilke

3:32   The Outlook   Shahla Werner, Director, John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club

MADISON READS LEOPOLD is part of Leopold Weekend in Wisconsin, sponsored by the Aldo Leopold Foundation.

For more information, call (608) 233-2425 or E-mail the coordinator at