10th-annual Madison Reads Leopold

Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Such a treat to hear one of my favorite books read aloud to me!" — Visitor

Madison Reads Leopold is a beloved read-aloud celebrating the life and legacy of Aldo Leopold. The community event features a diverse lineup of celebrities and citizens sharing Leopold's eloquence and wisdom from A Sand County Almanac and other works.

The UW–Arboretum will host its 10th annual free public reading on March 7, 2015, in the Visitor Center, from 9:30 a.m. until about 4 p.m. Visitors can drop in to hear favorite essays or stay for the day. See the full schedule below to find your favorite essays and readers.

First published in 1948, A Sand County Almanac has prompted generations of people to take better notice – and care – of the natural environment. Aldo Leopold was the first research director at the Arboretum and was closely involved in its design.

Highlights include the well-known “calendar” essays, “On a Monument to the Pigeon” (marking the centennial of the American passenger pigeon extinction), and readings by Madelyn Leopold, daughter of Luna Leopold and granddaughter of Aldo; Ron Seely of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism; WPR personalities Stephanie Elkins, Chuck Quirmbach, and Jim Fleming; and many others.

Madison Reads Leopold is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be available in the visitor center lobby. Brown-bagging is permitted but food must remain in the Visitor Center.

Madison Reads Leopold is a community celebration organized for Aldo Leopold Weekend, sponsored by the Aldo Leopold Foundation.

"What a wonderful event to be part of every year to honor Leopold, and to start to know our ecological community. Thank you for this tradition!" — Reader

A full schedule is below. Reading times are approximate, so arrive at least 10 minutes early for a particular essay.

9:30   Welcome and Foreword   Kathy Miner, naturalist, UW–Madison Arboretum

9:40   January Thaw   Dave Cieslewicz, citizen of Madison

9:47   Good Oak I   Jim Fleming, host of 'Chapter a Day,' Wisconsin Public Radio

9:59   Good Oak II   Madelyn Leopold, granddaughter of Aldo Leopold, and Claire Pevehouse, 5th grader, Randall Elementary School

10:08   The Geese Return   Ron Seely, senior lecturer in Life Sciences Communications, UW–Madison; editor, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

10:17   Come High Water   Tom Pearce, naturalist, UW–Madison Arboretum and Aldo Leopold Nature Center; Great Neighborhoods Project Coordinator, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin; cross country ski instructor, MSCR

10:22   Draba   Darcy Kind, conservation biologist, WI DNR

10:23   Bur Oak   Eric Liljequist, retired teacher, Aldo Leopold School, and Kathleen Liljequist, retired teacher and nature lover

10:32   Sky Dance   Marie McCabe, widow of Leopold's colleague Robert A. McCabe

10:41   Back From the Argentine   Martha Frey, membership director, Natural Heritage Land Trust

10:44   The Alder Fork   Chuck Pils, The Wildlife Society / retired, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

10:52   Great Possessions   Charlotte Meyer, professor emerita, Department of English, Edgewood College

10:57   Prairie Birthday   Jed Meunier, great-grandson of Aldo Leopold; ecologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

11:07   The Green Pasture   Stephanie Elkins, music host, Wisconsin Public Radio

11:12   The Choral Copse   Julie Wilke, school social worker, Sherman Middle School

11:16   Smoky Gold   Levi Wood, Naturalist, UW–Madison Arboretum

11:26   Too Early   Hildy Feen, community member

11:31   Red Lanterns   Robin Lee, active citizen

11:39   If I Were the Wind   Mary Maxwell, community member

11:40   Axe-in-Hand I   Charlotte Johnston, former teacher of Wisconsin Writers

11:46   Axe-in-Hand II   Russ Hefty, conservation resource supervisor, City of Madison Parks Division

11:52   A Mighty Fortress   Tim Andrews, owner, Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC

12:00   Home Range   Tom Lovett, friend of the Arboretum

12:05   Pines Above the Snow I   Donna Weber-Harms, retired reading specialist, Juda Schools

12:09   Pines Above the Snow II   Rebecca Wallace, public affairs specialist, U.S. Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory

12:20   65290   Stuart Levitan, historian, author, and radio host

12:30   BREAK: refreshments available in Visitor Center lobby

1:00   Lily River Journal and Video Presentation   Steve Laubach, author of Living a Land Ethic

1:10   Excerpts from Arboretum Dedication Address   Donna Paulnock, Interim director, UW–Madison Arboretum

1:15   Letter to a Wildflower Digger   Jim Fitzgibbon, naturalist, UW–Madison Arboretum

1:20   Marshland Elegy I   Judith Zukerman, Mind's Eye Radio / Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets

1:26   Marshland Elegy II   Chuck Quirmbach, environment reporter, Wisconsin Public Radio

1:35   Odyssey I   James Roberts, Sterling North Society

1:40   Odyssey II   Joe Goss, senior business analyst, UW–Madison

1:44   On a Monument to a Pigeon   Stanley Temple, Beers-Bascom Professor Emeritus in Conservation, UW–Madison; senior fellow, Aldo Leopold Foundation

1:52   The Round River I   Amy Flansburg, community member

1:56   The Round River II   Kenneth Cameron, director, Wisconsin State Herbarium

2:07   The Round River III   Nick Utphall, Pastor, St. Stephen's Lutheran Church

2:17   Thinking Like a Mountain   Debra Weitzel, retired environmental science teacher

2:24   Cheat Takes Over   Tammy Bieberstein, Madison Area Weed Warriors

2:33   Wilderness as a Form of Land Use I   Jim Steffens, executive committee, John Muir Chapter, Sierra Club

2:39   Wilderness as a Form of Land Use II   Ken Rineer, environmental analyst, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

2:45   Wilderness as a Form of Land Use III   Shahla Werner, director, John Muir Chapter, Sierra Club

2:51   Wilderness as a Form of Land Use IV   Tad Pinkerton, emeritus professor of computer sciences, UW–Madison

2:57   Natural History I   Patricia Freres Stinger, volunteer steward, UW–Madison Arboretum

3:03   Natural History II   Kathleen & Richard Kuhnen, plain members and citizens of the biotic community

3:09   The Community Concept   Susan Carpenter, native plant gardener, UW–Madison Arboretum

3:18   The Ecological Conscience   Bill Barker, friend of the earth

3:25   Substitutes for a Land Ethic   Lisa Kohlmann, assistant ranger, UW Arboretum

3:33   The Outlook   Don Waller, J.T. Curtis Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies; Chair, UW–Madison Botany Department