Volunteer Steward

Objectives: To deepen visitorsí understanding of the Arboretum through increased dialogue, protect the Arboretum through increased presence of trained volunteers on the trails, and to more generally act as a liaison between visitors and staff.

Position Summary: Volunteer Stewards are expected to be keen observers and effective communicators. As Stewards are the first Arboretum representatives that many visitors encounter, it is vital that they engage the public as goodwill ambassadors for the Arboretum, ready to discuss regulations, mission, and history when called upon to do so. As eyes and ears of the Arboretum, they also provide the rangers with accurate records of their observations and interactions.


  • Interest in learning about the Arboretum and teaching others what you know
  • Willingness to walk outside in all kinds of weather
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Training and preparation: Completion of a 22-24 hour training program is required before beginning the position. Training includes information on Arboretum history and mission, regulations, ecology and management of various Arboretum communities, trails, interacting with visitors, and other topics. Continuing education is available through the year in the form of public classes and tours, an annual Naturalistsí Enrichment Series, and hikes and outings offered specifically for Stewards. Equipment specific to the job is provided: uniform vest, nametag, first aid kit, maps and other basic literature, and a fanny pack.

Commitment: Following completion of initial training, volunteers are expected to commit to six months' active involvement in the program. During that time they are expected to:

  • Patrol at least four hours monthly, equipping themselves properly each time
  • Record trail conditions and interactions after each shift

Stewards use their discretion to choose when and where to patrol each time they work.


  • Get to know various areas of the Arboretum throughout the year
  • Learn about the history and ecology of the Arboretum
  • Positively influence visitorsí experience and help to protect the Arboretum
  • Meet a variety of people with similar interests, both volunteers and visitors
  • References available on request, based on quality of experience

This is an equal opportunity position. Please let us know if you need any special accommodations.