• Sally Holl is the March-April exhibitor in the Steinhauer Trust Gallery at the Visitor Center.Wisconsin’s Changing Landscape By Sally Holl “From the farms in the south, to the northern forests and the lakes, rivers, and prairies, we have them all.” Visit our photo gallery
  • The Arboretum Visitor Center is open week days 9:30 a.m.to 4:00 p.m. and week ends 12:30 to 4:00 p.m. Closed holidays including Easter. A naturalist-led walk will leave the Visitor Center front steps at 1 p.m. Sunday April 20. Visit our photo gallery


  • Transitions

    Our walk began as it remained for the rest of the afternoon – warm, sunny and beautiful. Early on, the larger group of nearly 45, split into two. … Read more »

  • Call for Artists EXTENDED DEADLINE Arboretum Steinhauer Trust Gallery Exhibits 2015

    The Arboretum is now accepting proposals for artwork to hang in the Visitor Center gallery in 2015. Deadline: April 28, 2014. A juried committee will select 6 exhibits, each will … Read more »

  • Early Spring Migrnats

    What a long cold and snowy winter! Today could be the first 60 degree day since last October, almost five months of cold. Not only did we have more than … Read more »

  • End of Winter

    Although the vernal equinox, an occurrence symbolizing rebirth and fertility, happened just three days ago, today’s temperature hovered just above 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the ground remains frozen in most … Read more »