• Magnolias have started blooming, forsythia is in full bloom and a few wildflowers can be found in Gallistel Woods and the Native Plant Garden.
  • ‘Honoring the Land 2013’ by Efrat Livny, from the Witness Tree Collective’s art show currently on display in the Steinhauer Gallery in the Visitor Center.
  • The invasive ‘jumping worm’ (Amynthas agrestis) Read more…


  • Transitions

    It was an enjoyably warm afternoon walking through the Arboretum in search of signs of spring. Our journey began with a walk through the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens. We took notice … Read more »

  • Early Migrants

    We strolled out on this windy Sunday afternoon in search of some “early birds,” migrants back from warmer climes to get a jump start on the growing season. With rumors … Read more »

  • Public tour The Awakening Land

    A couple of years ago, we cribbed the name for this annual tour from Conrad Richter’s trilogy about pioneer life in the Midwest. It just seems like the perfect … Read more »

  • Spring Is Prescribed Fire Season

    The spring prescribed fire season is getting underway at the Arboretum. Most of Wisconsin’s ecosystems are fire dependent, and prescribed fire simulates the role historically played by wildfire or fires … Read more »

  • Bumble Bee Conservation and Citizen Science

    Spring is here, and soon new bumble bee queens will emerge from their overwintering sites—and Arboretum staff will be watching for them, ready to renew our bumble bee citizen science project. Read more »

  • Walking in Leopold’s Footsteps

    How can anyone walk in Aldo Leopold’s footsteps, especially here at the UW Arboretum where his ideas are written large upon the landscape? How do you condense into an hour … Read more »